Monday, July 27, 2009

Maybe They Did, Maybe they Didn't... (1980)

Workers Vanguard No. 256 (16 May 1980)

Workers League: Maybe They Did, Maybe They Didn't, Maybe They Changed Their Minds

The “Fraudulent Letter”:
January 25, 1980

This is to inform you that we are breaking all connections with the Stalinist and Imperialist Agents inside the Trotskyist Movement. The January 18 issue of the Bulletin will be your last.

David North

- from the Bulletin, 26 February:
Fraudulent Letter

The February 8 issue of Workers Vanguard, the fortnightly publication of the Spartacist League, prints a letter allegedly sent to their editor, and purportedly signed by David North, national secretary of the Workers League.

The Workers League does not conduct correspondence with the Spartacist League, which is an organization led by provocateurs and assistance of the late FBI agent and leader of the Socialist Workers Party, Joseph Hansen.

No such letter was sent by David North or any other member of the Workers League.

The printing of this fraudulent letter has been carried out by the leaders of this organization for reasons best known to themselves.